Friday, December 16, 2011

All in a day's time

So after work I shuttled the hubby to work, then headed out to my WLS doctor's appointment. I ate before I went and got weighed in, who knows if that really was the reason for the 5 pound weight gain since last visit, or if it was all that cortisol from last week that just packed it on? Oh the joys of finals. However, since I missed last month, I may have to start my 6 months totally over! Or just add an extra month, we will just have to see what the insurance says. I am trying something new this month, so maybe I'll see some weight loss that way too!

Then after that appointment I went and had my fingerprints taken, ran over to the bank to get the damn money order, was raped by the teller in fees, now I know better than to buy one at the bank! Then went home and mailed the application.

I am hoping that it won't take too long since, hell, I have had quite a few background checks done over the last few years because of jobs and school. I shouldn't be too hard to find in the system.

Then I tried to get some sleep when I got home at 0930. Of course that took awhile to wind down so I managed to sleep from about 1030 until 1600, when it was time to go pick up the hubby again.

To my surprise I got a phone call from one of my very first AZ friends, whom I haven't talked to in about a year, so I called her and chatted while I was waiting for hubby to come out.

Course then it was over to get dinner, Indian food for me, pizza for the boys, stop over at the phone place to have my phone fixed and then home to eat.

Bet you wish you had stopped readying before this? LOL

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  1. Watch your sodium intake, drink a lot of water, and I bet that five pound "gain" was not really a gain.