Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Discussion Board Classes

The problem with discussion board classes is that these people are all a bunch of liars! Okay maybe they don't mean to be, but it's an Ethics class and are you telling me that everyone has impeccable Ethics that they always do everything right?

Yeah my ass! Okay I know its a class and I know these people are pretty much just posting what they know they should do and what the book says to do, but if a friend got you front row tickets to a concert you have always wanted to go to, would you really tell your friend you couldn't go because you agreed to work an OT shift and that would be the end to it?

Yeah... that's what I thought. :-)


  1. yeah but most of those scenarios for that kind of thing are so far removed from real life too....

  2. These so far have been pretty true to like actually, I think which is why I think they are pretty much spouting what everyone thinks everyone wants to hear.