Sunday, February 12, 2012


Apparently even HESI agrees that it is harder than NCLEX. So I guess that's why they usually tell you their predictor is the best when it comes to readiness to tackle the NCLEX-PN and NCLEX-RN

I have studied from and have recommended on many occasion the use of the

The first time I took the HESI-PN exit exam I used the HESI NCLEX-PN guide all semester and feel that is the reason I did so well. This last time I actually was using the RN books (Kaplan & Saunders) since I got them for free, and I think that is what helped me boost my score.

Best of luck to you all!


  1. You rock! I think Kaplan did a good job of explaining how to understand the questions.

    I think I was more preoccupied with other school work, family, and little time to properly study for the HESI that I took.

    I'm a horrible test taker so maybe you should come to central Wisconsin and help tutor me... :-)

  2. I recommend the Saunders RN book and honestly the only reason I found the HESI harder than the NCLEX was because the HESI asks for a lot more knowledge based questions than the NCLEX

  3. Thank you for this! I am waiting to take my HESI PN-ADN test && am totally not sure on what to study, haha! GL with RN school :D