Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fostering False Hope...

I stumbled upon a site requesting input from new grads regarding positive feedback only of how they landed their first job, even as a lowly new grad.

We know this is rare. The walk out of nursing school and land a hospital nursing job in acute care scenario. So if we focus on all of these new grads just waltzing into their field of choice, or straight out of school and into a new grad position, are we fostering false hope, like that great nursing shortage myth?


  1. Hi! What a great blog you have. Keep up the writing :)

  2. I don't know about fostering false hope. I landed a great ICU job out of school but I had to work at it. It took me 4 months of dragging up every contact and finally hunting down times that recruiters were going to be at hospitals.

    I think what we SHOULD be focusing on is HOW they landed those jobs. Also the disposition towards new grads is very different State to State and sadly I heard our state is very bad for new grads while others are screaming for them.

    I don't think this should foster false hope but only a chance to share what you can do to help your odds of landing that dream job. And remember that the grass is always greener...I landed what some people consider a coveted job in the ICU right out of school. But factor in this, I have experience working with vented patients, it's a low acuity ICU AND the hospital is not exactly well regarded here in town. These are the things these new grads leave out when they tell you about how they landed their plum jobs!

  3. Glad to see they took into account your LPN experience. I do not want an ICU position myself, but PACU would be a great place to start. I also have vent experience extensively at this point. But like you said, the place you work, may not be a dream for most, kinda like those locked down into 3 year contracts with huge penalties down in Yuma ;-)

  4. Yup, honestly it's what you make of it right? I'd rather be employed than unemployed!