Monday, April 16, 2012

End of the Semester in Sight

One more quiz to finish in Patho, plus about 5 more discussion board essays, before the final. Only a few more discussion board posts for Ethics and 1 project, then the final!

Just want this semester to be over. Good news is Patho is actually all about the stuff I am pretty familiar with so at least I don't have to do too much reading.

On the RN school front I am almost finished with my medical stuff. Just have to get the stupid 2 step TB. Not like I haven't just had a TB test last month or anything. But whatever doesn't hurt to do it and just get it over with.

I had my physical today and just had a titre drawn for the HEP B, so maybe after the two times I have received it I have converted by now. Who knows. So orientation is on the 8th classes start on the 21st.

I am submitting my tuition reimbursement forms tomorrow, they reimburse 100% so here's hoping it goes through without issues.


  1. I am also taking Nursing education and just preparing for my last semester.

    Now waiting for placement in some good Health care industries.

  2. 100% tuition reimbursement? Heck yeah that's awesome!
    2012 is an awesome year!