Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Lesson in Immunity 101

Ok class what happens when you take two series of the Hep B vaccine two years apart?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Well if you are me... you still have no antibody surface markers... thus you still have no sero-conversion and must attempt the damn thing one more time.

Ok so what on earth is wrong with this picture?

So since my actual Hep B test was negative too... as in no I do not have the virus, I have to get a booster shot called HBIG, maybe two, and start the series 1 more time. If I don't sero-convert after that time, well then... I had just better be damn careful.

But at least I tried. I could be in the 5%-10% population that is just a non-responder to this vaccine. Although, I seemed to respond fine to the others I have had according to those titers.


  1. Hey, I've had chicken pox and a round of the vaccine. When I had my titers checked for work they came back as being negative, no titers. I just went through my second round and we will see if I convert

    1. So weird isn't it. I had to have the MMR again after I had my daughter, but all my titers since then have come back fine. So I guess I can't complain.. well yeah I can that shit hurts! lol