Friday, June 22, 2012

Dreaded Questions Begin Again...

Question 1.) How do you study?

1. Effectively apparently but my methods won't help much. Are you doing NCLEX questions? If not do them.

Question 2.) Can you send me your notes?

Nope that would require me typing them out, and I don't type out my notes because I honestly type without thinking about what it is I am typing. I type on auto pilot. Why? Because I had to learn how to do it fast and without looking at the keyboard in order to get a million purchase orders typed in every day for 10 years.

I write my notes out in my notebook in a weird format, that no I will not explain to you, because once again, my methods may not work for you to study by.

Question 3.)Can I call you when I have questions?

Sure and if I am home and or answering my phone that day I will be more than happy to help you out. I will meet you a little before class or stay a little after class to help, but I will not make a special trip to campus on my day off to tutor. I honestly do not have enough time right now to do that. I AM TIRED!

Question .)Are you in a study group?

No I don't do groups!


  1. i'm not a 'group' person either!

  2.'re not going to send me your notes?? Hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!