Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's get this show on the road...

Last day of Med/Surg Clinical... the day I have been dreading. IR aka Interventional Radiology, home of the IV starts! Time to get over my fear and nervousness and drop some IVs like they were easy peasy!

*** update***

Two for two... IVs that is :-) Had a blast today, it's like Pre-Op, OR, and PACU all rolled into 1. MY FAV!! Of course that means that I ran around like crazy today. Boy am I exhausted!

I now have to meet with the trainer at 6 and because I don't have clinical tomorrow I said I would work, but man I am soooo tired already! Although if anything were to give it'd be the trainer right now, cuz I am happily losing right now without his or the gyms help and am OK with that too!


  1. you'll do great, honestly it just takes practice. After IV start #5 you'll be a pro, and there is never shame in missing, even the ER nurses miss IV sticks.