Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Math :-P

The bane of my existence and the reason for a less than perfect score on my 2nd OB Exam. Will know later today what the official verdict is.


Damn math, yes that was the only 1 I got wrong... so damn close to a 100%. If only I had had looked over the math problems before class as I had planned. It was a really easy question too and I missed the original ml the med came in, those damn dilution questions are tricky! LOL Oh well an A is still an A.


  1. I'm sure you kicked butt all over the place, you're a superstar!

  2. I am so so so so so terrible at Math. I am very worried about the upcoming math this semester. Sorry you missed the 1, that is so frustrating!! Even more than if you had missed like 3 or 4. But bright side, you still got a 99% which is AWESOME!!

    1. Thanks yeah guess it could have been worse. It's considered a 94% though :-)