Thursday, December 2, 2010


Is on the 13th... wow it seems like it was forever ago that I was writing just about the same title onto my blog...Could it really have only been Tuesday, January 6, 2009? Wow here we are coming up to 2011 and it feels like not much has changed, but it has. Its been nearly 1 year since I graduated nursing school ss an LPN. Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Revisting these posts has made me just about as excited as last time... except, I know how bad its going to be.


  1. Oh no, don't tell me how bad its going to be. I'm soo nervous and scared! What kind of classes are you going to be enrolled in next semester? One of my classes will be Pharmacology, any pointers for me?

  2. Pharm was crazy... best pointer was to learn that certain classes of drugs end with the same 2-3 letters. Once you learn which class and action goes to what, it helps alot.

    I really did alot of cramming the night before the test! lol

    This semester is a crap course you have to take just because I am a studet at that college, a communications course, ethics in healthcare management and stats. Then Micro, Patho & not sure which else... actual core nursing classes are another two semesters off at this rate.

  3. My daughter is paying off a travelling debt by working as an orderly and plans on doing nursing in 2012