Friday, February 11, 2011

pneumonia really?

Since I have manged to spend yet another day home with horrible tightness, with coughing fits that send me into agony.. a quick visit to the Urgent care and its... "left lower lobe infiltrate consistent with atelectasis or pneumonia."

So are they just guessing really when they send me home with the Z-pack?


  1. What's a Z-pack? Sorry to hear that you're sick. Eat chicken soup, take a hot bath, make your bed, and I heard to alleviate some coughing you should rub Vicks Vapor Rub on the bottoms of your feet before bed and wear socks over your feet. Get better soon.

  2. So sorry you feel yuckie right now Christine. :(

    Zazzy: Z-pack is how people refer to Azithromycin that is packed in an individual course of antibiotics [like 2 pills the first day and 1 pill the second or whatever].

  3. Hope you are feeling better by now. There really is an awful bug going around here