Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have a...

Super rash, I think its from the super antibiotics... add another med to this ever growing list of things I am allergic too.

I mean come on already... forget about the germs being resistant to medications. My body is fighting everything.

Oh and said rash started in a respectable place and is spreading to a very very uncomfortable place. The painful, bright red, feels like a sunburn rash, is creeping toward the inner thigh and coming dangerously close to the lady parts, after already reaching the groin/ crease adjacent to that property.

Cream, powder, Benadryl. Hot soaks! Something help me! It hurts to wear pants and that might become an issue at work!


  1. Oh that's gotta really suck! Maybe vistiril would be more helpful? I hope it goes away very soon!!

  2. Sounds like a fungal. Go see your provider and get some nystatin cream. Hope this helps!

  3. If it hurts to wear pants, my professional advice is to not wear pants. But that is usually my solution to most problems so I am not sure how practical it will be for you. lol.

    But seriously, long skirts and no underwear. That might relieve a little of the irritation in the creases. I know they make "scrub skirts" that hit about mid-calf because a CNA on one of my clinical floors wore them.