Thursday, March 24, 2011

1 year old....

My LPN status is officially 1 year old today. I have been a nurse for 1 year. On April 6th... I will have officially joined the ranks of, "1 year experience required"

It feels like time flew, but on the other hand it feels like its been way longer than that.

I have learned so much about myself, about nursing, and about people throughout this last year.

I have found confidence, skill, and humility. I have many things to learn and teach many things every day.

I have found that with nursing I waiver. I am about to take exams for my first two RN classes, and I still doubt if I want to become an RN. ( Thus I keep putting them off) Ok Exam fees are an issue too but I digress.

Why? Well mainly because LPN experience doesn't count for shit! So I would be starting alllll over. No experience, low man on the pole. Begging for a chance or stuck in Long Term Care. In reality does this mean that much? Only time will tell.

But does LPN hold enough for me? Sometimes I don't even want to be a nurse anymore. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I dream about that RN. Sometimes I don't want to headache.

I do know that most importantly I AM A NURSE! So with that... its off to work for me!


  1. Happy Nurse Day to you, Happy Nurse Day to you, Happy Nurse Day Dear Christineeeee, Happy Nurse Day to you!!! And many more.....

  2. I was an LPN at first. I wrote "challenge" exams and they gave me credit for my LPN year...I think if you look around there may be more options....check it out! I did my RN 30 years ago in this way....