Monday, March 28, 2011

Is it just me or...

Does every Nurse constantly look at the want ads to see what is out there? I suppose because I am not happy with half of my job assignment that I keep looking for something else.

I like my Friday Saturday gig... I know the Wednesday Thursday one is not going to work out. Because I will not put up with being treated poorly no matter how many years of experience as an LPN she has over me.

I am pretty sure that Pediatrics is NOT where I want to be, much as I assumed in Nursing school. Although something one of the mother's said rubbed me the wrong way the other day and that could be the reason I am really starting to hate the idea of that place. Like a festering puss filled wound, the words, " She's lying " still throb in my ears.

So the "Aunt" says, "Don't put the baby on her side only on her back because she slobbers in her hair.". So that evening before I left I put her on her back. So when the "Mom" comes in she practically tears my head off and says, " Put her on her left side she is kicking her feet too much and using her calories." So she proceeds to put her on her side and give a long explanation of why the side over the back. Then checks them over complains the diapers are too low, well with scoliosis braces & contractures its hard to get the diapers to fit well when I am a bit out of practice. I mean hell my kids have been out of diapers for at least 14 years now, and I my last experience with day to day diapering was at least 8 years ago. But continuing on...

So the next shift I put the baby on her side to start the evening because she is kicking. The Aunt comes in and says, " I told you not to put her on her side. " I explained how the Mom had told me to put her on her side and she said I'll have to ask her.

So she does and she comes flat out and says, " Well she's lying. I never said that. " So when she comes in hollering, I have to defend myself. The well she's lying part really pissed me off... as you can tell, So I explain to her that she is the one who told me to put the child on her side and as a matter of fact she actually was the one who placed her there yesterday, etc... So she's like, " Well I don't remember that. But I was crazy yesterday."

So because this lady is "crazy" I am a liar? WTF? Ok so yeah... me no likey and me no happy!

Needless to say I put in a few more resumes today.


  1. The challenge with peds is not the kids, it's definitely the parents!

  2. Dang Christine that was a tough pickle you were in. That would've been hard not to tell them all where they can go and leave the situation. And so the saga continues...where will you go that makes you happy.