Friday, March 25, 2011

LPNs being phased out on LTC in favor of skilled units?

So it turns out that I was replaced at my old job, with an RN. Word coming down from the former top, is that once the Licensed leave, or are forced out, the plan is to staff the facility with RNs only. So what's a girl to do?

They are going all sub-acute more skilled units less long term care, and once the renovations are over the place will be all private rooms with more state of the art equipment.

Yup and it totally happened.


  1. Some facilities are doing this and most hospitals have not been hiring LPN's for years.
    It is unfortunate because LPN's seem more loyal to their jobs and over the years have been some of my best resources when travel nursing or floating to different units in the hospital.

  2. They go thru phases with this. When i was an LPN I heard the same stories. They did phase them out of the hospital. Problem was they just couldn't keep the floors staffed and sometime later they phased them right back in.

  3. My opinion of this is that, they may have a lot of RN interest now due to the economy and the lack of new grad jobs in hospitals. But of the RNs I know, except 1, currently working in LTC. They are still applying to hosptials, and if 1 says yes they are outta there. 25 -30 sub-acute and long term or 5-8 acute? Which would you chose?

    I am pretty sure this will happen and they will be forced to hire LPNs again. Of course if I can get my ass moving, I won't be one.

  4. Amen to your RN will be out of there as soon as something else comes along, for me at least! I hate th eplace I work at. I love the pateints, but the extreme dysfunctionality kills me! We do have more LPNs than RNS. I know another local skilled unit only hires RNs.