Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whiplash... again.

OK so I think I need a medication or something. Can they give you something to make you stick with a plan? I have no idea why I am flippy floppy about this decision. I mean when I decided to stop being a Customer Service Agent and become a Nurse I had a plan, and a plan B. So even though it was Plan B instead of A, here I am. A Nurse. But apparently not a Real Nurse, because RN = Real Nurse. Wow am I sick of hearing already, oh you are just an LPN.

So I go back and forth, back and forth. Trying to figure out what will fit into my life and work schedule. Its probably because the last time I made up my mind and went to the brick and mortar route of nursing school, I almost got divorced. Last time my husband felt totally overwhelmed financially and ignored physically. This time I can work, make great money, and still fit in school. So money may not be an issue, but the ignored part? Well there in lies the problem I guess.

But here I am actually missing Nursing School. The kind where you actually go to class, sit in front of the PowerPoint and stress over the very few amount of points allotted to pass. The kind that makes you write care plans and get up at the butt crack of dawn and work for free! The kind that allows me to try a different aspect of Nursing every few weeks and the kind that allows me to feel like I am actually going to school. I like school, what can I say.

So with the procrastination that I seem to suffer this self study thing is JUST not going to work. The burn out I felt after the last route of Nursing school is over and I can't wait to get back into school.

So I am biting the bullet and hitting this Advanced Placement Application with both barrels. Guess what? Chemistry is first up. Enrolled and paid for, starting May 31st. I have to retake my Pharm class (that I had an A in), because it will be too old. I have to retake the PN Exit exam, that I scored a HUGE score on, and retake the HESI-A2, that I ACED with perfect scores, because mine will have expired. I also have to finally get through Microbiology and then I can apply into the RN program with a hopeful start date of Spring 2012 ( January ) of course I want the Accelerated program which runs through the summer, so I finish in the Fall.

So here's hoping it all works out.

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  1. Well go get'em tiger! I know you'll do just as wonderful the second time around in all of those classes plus you'll have all your experience on your side.