Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bittersweet Bitch Fest

So the kids are with my X this week at a rental house here in town. He, his wife, their two newborn twins, and his parents came in for graduation. We have mingled and its been OK. But I am really ready for him to go home and for things to get back to normal.

Since he carries the insurance for the kids and it was time for Daniel to get his braces off, and since I had to work. His wife took Dan for his appointment. 6 hours later and a TON of fillings and deep scale cleaning (the boy totally did not comply with the braces protocol apparently), and they came back to the house. His father swoops in like he's actually been the one to EVER really be there for the kid, like "Oh all he wants is his father. His father will make it better."

Why does this bother me, to allow his father to feel the hero? Even when I know better. Or the consoler? I mean hell Daniel didn't even want him to talk to him or anything, he never does when he is in pain. But you know it still bothered me. Mostly because his father has been a deadbeat who only comes around for the occasions! Ya know? Tells the kids he has no money to help with cars and school and spends money here like he's got tons to spare? But wants me to go half on everything medically related. Where was he when I spent $3000 on the braces to begin with and just dropped another $600 yesterday? Yeah they can pay the remaining $800, I have no guilt.

With regard to how he acted when the kids were growing up, and how he "acts" more involved with the new babies. His Mom was like, "Oh he's so much better now. He was young then." Ok so being 24 was an excuse for being a total useless ass of a father when they were born and in the 17 years since? I mean come on, I didn't get cut any slack and I was 18 when my daughter was born. But I don't need any excuse. I did the best I could and I did pretty damn well. Even if you don't like it!

There will always be some residual resentment I think, no mater how brave and civil I may seem to appear. I ONLY do it for the children.

So I will let them have their moment in the sun, and let them buy the kids whatever clothes they can, whatever dental supplies he needs. I have been doing it all along and could really use the help.

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