Saturday, May 14, 2011


So the Pharm class information has been posted on Blackboard. I looked at the syllabus and noticed 1 big thing about it. There are 100 possible points for the entire class. Guess what... 75 of them are the cumulative final. I am pretty pissed about this, it sucks that my 98% = A in Pharm is considered too old because it was more than 1 year ago. So in order to keep my A I pretty much have to get all of those 75 points. I mean yes there are 25 possible points for homework, and a "few" extra points could be available for participating in the online discussions. But still, its like its simply a CLEP exam with busy work.

Chemistry starts soon. Yuck!

But good news is I can actually say that I... wait for it.... Love my new job.


  1. Yahoo for Pharm!!! Enjoy it, I'm taking my final on Thursday.

  2. Yeah well once upon a time in my first year of nursing school I seem to remember posting about my pharm final :-) Good luck on yours!

    It just sucks to have to retake a class I had an A in. But oh well, learning more and all that.