Monday, May 9, 2011


So the family and I had the big conversation yesterday over a really nice Mother's Day dinner. You know the one, about how this next year and a half is going to be crazy hard, they're probably not going to see me much and I will be dog tired when they do. Home cooked dinners will be a thing of the past and you are on your own for laundry.

They all seemed really on board, aware that they really need my paycheck to make things work, and want me to be an RN, with that eventual further bump in pay it comes with. So they all have agreed to pitch in more when necessary. The concensus was, " Hey we've been through this before." Yeah I am reminded of that, and just how bad it almost turned out too. Can things be that much different?

Now with hubby working 50+ hours a week still, and being who he is. Someone how I doubt it'll be different than it has been. But I think I'll give him the benifit of the doubt. Its not like he doesn't help with household chores now. It's just that when he does laundry, he throws it back into the hamper where it wrinkles and well "gets dirty" again, thus I have to rewash clothes. Not something I want to do. Not something I will have time to do. Not to mention any other cleaning either.

My son is deciding on if he wants to go back to traditional school next year for his Junior year or go to the online charter school. The thing about him is that he is very smart, gets bored easily, and has personaility issues with some teachers and the idea of homework. So while he may be able to pull an A out at the midterm and final, his grades are D's and F's in the meantime. I don't know why they put so much credit towards homework with regard to a grade. Its like he was born to just CLEP, classes or something. I have tried everything to get through to him, but he never was the kind to conform for the sake of conforming. Weird how his goal is to be in the Army and a Police Office. Talk about the ultimate in conformation.

We are also deciding if we want to move when our lease runs out. My husband is sick of moving. Of course I totally understand where he is coming from. But, since we actually have the chance to move 25 miles closer to where we both work and save money on housing and gas. Well, it may be a no brainer. A little bit of work one day, to save alot of money? So we'll see. This is where I see the lazy factor coming in.

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  1. Ohh Christine I don't envy you. I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day, but it sucks you had to do all this important school and life talk. I hope all goes well with your plans knowing you'll come out of this more financially sound. Also I know moving isn't fun, but the cost of gas is terrible now so you gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck Christine.