Friday, May 20, 2011

What's in an A?

As the end of the semester comes around and grades are posted for some. I thought I would reflect on the concept of "A"'s. In Nursing School the A is an elusive object, much sought after, and hard to achieve. So when you get one flaunt it wide, loud and proudly to the rafters. After all when a "F" is a 75% and below, there is a very small margin throughout the grade spectrum for passing. Ha! And you thought Nursing School was easy?

In prereqs "A"'s were 90% and above. An "F" was below 60%. You know, just like everyone else.

In Nursing School "A"'s are 93% and above in some schools. I know that was true for mine. So with a 92.75% I never did manage to reel in that elusive true Nursing School "A" in lecture. But I will continue trying ;-)

So What constitutes an A in your Nursing School? What is failing?

Go ahead and brag, it's OK.


  1. An A is a 95% and above, and failing is a 73% or lower. Kinda rough!

  2. First let me tell you thank you for posting this blog today! It has helped me refocus my frustrations and to keep my head held high in knowing that even if I don't get an A as a final grade I still don't stuck. I say let’s give out some A+'s and make more room on the bottom for A-'s!
    Here's the grading in my school system:
    A 93-100%
    A- 90-92%
    B+ 87-89%
    B 83-86%
    B- 80-82%
    C+ 77-79%
    C 73-76%
    C- 70-72%
    D+ 67-69%
    D 63-66%
    D- 60-62%
    F 59% or below

  3. Our program is 93%+ is an A, 84-92% is a B, 75-83% is a C...and anything below that 75% is considered failing.

    I ended up with 3 A's and 1 B this semester...I was happy. Would have liked that 3rd A, but considering I struggled in that class and was hoping I would even pass it...yeah, I'll take my 90%.

  4. I'm not in nursing school yet, just doing prereqs, but I already get graded on a 7 pt scale. Ie, 93%+ is an A. It's been like that since I started back to school

  5. Post went through without some.

    Is my school not the norm, I just assumed 7 point scale was normal?

  6. An A was 94+, failing was anything below 83%. Narrow margin for error. I pulled quite a few A's but also barely got 83% in two classes aka 2.3. I still will need to take statistics, cell biology(waste O time) and retake A&P as pre-req grade requirements have gone up. I don't know that I'm ready to go back to school just to end up in a job that used to be LPNs only............sigh.

  7. Crazed I hear ya! And WOW on the anything below being failing, that is CRAZY!

  8. Ours was 91% for an A and below 80% was failing.
    Though, I always worked as if 93% was the mark for an A.

    In the end though, C's get degrees. And it's passing the NCLEX that allows you to be a nurse.

    Our school is going to start a new RN->BSN program starting this fall....not sure I'm ready to go back yet.

  9. In my program, 92 and above is an A, and anything below 80 is failing.