Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eeek... Block 4 information

So today was the last day of lectures for Block 3. Next week is all about the exams.

So in honor of that the Block 4 Instructors made their appearances and low and behold the glorious Preceptorship info was passed around along with the Block 4 Critical Care and Mental Health clinical sites. Yikes!

So we had to make 3 hospital choices with 3 department choices within those hospitals

Hospital 1: (Have been to all of these at this hospital before)

Hospital 2:
Urgent care

Hospital 3:

Totally all over the spectrum but I was trying to avoid a huge system of hospitals, however I did stay pretty close to my heart and try and get as many options in Peri-Op as possible with a sideline in L&D.

BTW: We had to have a "B" currently to make our choices for a specialty unit instead of a Med/Surg floor.

***updated 12/6/13 - Yeah I actually didn't even end up getting ANY of these options. Trauma/Ortho/ Med/Surg is what I ended up with***

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