Monday, July 9, 2012

ED Bust

This is not the time of year to actually be trying to get some clinical experience in. The census is so low hospital wide that there is too much standing around.

So let's see there is officially 1 month left of Block 3 and actually as predicted I did totally bomb that last test. I did pass, but it was a squeaker. So yeah I really should have gotten some sleep prior to that class because I could not remember anything, and these are actually concepts I was familiar with.

So what's up next? Two more Peds clinicals, 1 OB Sim Lab, 3 OB clinicals, and then 1 Med/Surg Sim Lab. Which all leads up to HESI 8/1, Lab Practicum 8/2 and the final 8/9.

Block 4 will startm if all goes well, on 8/20 and Senior Practicum is after that with graduation in early December.


  1. yep, census is low everywhere...thus my moonlighting as an ED nurse lately. 6 shifts and counting in a row in the ED, I haven't seen the ICU in weeks!

  2. I can't wait to keep reading :). Im a senior in Nursing school now. Wife, Mom, Work full time as a Nurse Recruiter for a hospital, RN Student...who happens to be class president. ITS ROUGH!

    1. You are a Nurse Recruiter but still in Nursing School? That's weird... but hey guess you have a hook up for graduation! Welcome!