Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm loving it...

New clinical instructor for Peds does not believe in careplanning! Woot!

OB Lecture is done. Med/Surg lecture starts on Monday.

Was unable to make myself study for the last OB exam, really it was totally impossible and I have no idea why. But anyway I probably BOMBED it.

But we shall see, I know of at least 1 question I totally got wrong and a few others were very on the fence based on the post mourtum rumblings I listened to after the exam today in the hallway. I never talk to anyone about my grade at school or what I put for which question, I usually hide in a corner and listen off and on to the others around me as I see fit. So now I sit and await the final verdict.


  1. ohmygoodness!
    we ALWAYS end up working ourselves into a frenzy with the whole "what did you put for the question... oh, really? i put... i must have gotten it wrong!"
    SO MUCH SO, that by the time it's actually time to go over the test, we all are SO unsure how we actually did!!!
    i'm supposed to be studying for our problems with GI/problems with the cerebrum PEDS test that is next week.
    but it's summer {week} break and i just get so burnt out by the end of the semester...
    totally feel ya!

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  3. I also find it stressful to discuss answers after the test. Hopefully you didn't do too poorly.