Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1/3 done

Psych is finished for the semester. Thursday is the first day of Acute Care Clinicals and lecture starts on Monday.

I hear that we may find out about our preceptorships soon as the night program knows about theirs already.

Today's exam did not go so well... but honestly I have been in such a funk that there was no chance I was going to rock that test. Although I am not alone as most everyone is reporting a serious case of senioritis.


  1. so what is preceptorship? is that like how doctors do their interning and find out where they will be placed/matched?

    1. It is pretty much an unpaid Internship where you get to work with 1 nurse for 40-96 hours and learn to handle an entire patient load, or specialty. It used to be an opportunity to show what you could do and get hired... but with the way the market is now, it's just more "experience" I am hoping mine will turn into an offer of course.

    2. ok nice! yes, an offer would be nice!!!