Monday, September 17, 2012


What an epic disappointment... not only did I not get ANY of the areas I wanted, I didn't get any of the locations I wanted.

Ultimately this is NOT going to be a networking opportunity that is for sure. Who knows what it will actually be at this point but the choices were an ICU or Med/Surg... no info about the floors or patients. Just that it will be one of the two because despite my grade and being able to make choices I got nothing!

I am pretty pissed off about this right now. Needless to say I have to go to a location I didn't want to go to and the "Preceptorship" is going to be more like freaking clinical except with a full patient load and a facility member being your "preceptor" that is totally not the way to learn how to be an actual nurse on a floor, also it'll be as a group too. This just fucking blows!

The good news?


  1. Ok I'm not going to sugar coat it, that SUCKS!! I'm sorry that you didn't get either of your choices, I would be totally bummed as well. Boo!

  2. It may suck girl, but remember nursing community is small. The number of people who do work at other more desirable places is large. Just go kill it and get an awesome letter from it all

  3. Can't say I am surprised. When my daughter was going thru school, she never got any of her choices or places either. Haven't heard of anybody I know getting what they want. Make the best of it you can and I'm sure it will be fine.