Saturday, September 8, 2012

TERROS Ride-A-Long

For my psych alternative clinical I decided to do a TERROS Crisis Team Ride-a-Long. Well it sure as heck was a long ride. 8 hours spent from one side of the valley to another trying to talk people off the proverbial ledge.

I guess jaded comes to mind, because although the people I was with were very nice, they reacted to the clients a bit differently than I would have expected. But then again after all this time you probably become a bit underwhelmed at what has become the human condition.

I felt bad for 2 out of the 4 people that we saw. Of course I spent the entire time trying to figure out what they would have for a dx and let me just tell you that textbook is textbook, and I think one of the people probably read it.

So anyway, I have to write up a careplan on a disorder of my choice, write a 2 paragraph experience report from my ride-a-long (I will title this 3 Borderlines and a Schizo), and finish a process recording paper (which I have no idea how on earth to go about this one), and study for the final exam in psych, which are all on or due on Tuesday.

I wish I could wax poetically about how great of an experience I had, or how I feel more prepared as a future nurse, or how I feel a new connection with the human species. But honestly, I just kept trying to fix the medical issues they presented with, and when they named off their meds, I was trying to list the side effects :-) I have no interest in Mental Health or Psych Nursing!

After that it's Critical Care and the Respiratory Systems.


  1. Oh my gosh!!
    Let me tell you about my psych ride along...
    She was schizophrenic, super paranoid: thought her ex husband (& his gay lover) were stealing her sanitary napkins (her word), lemonade, cat food, & thousands of dollars. She wanted to take out an $80 warrant on him when all she had was $80 for the week. And was, of course, lying about all of it.
    I did not have fun.

    1. I do not blame you. I think we had the stupidest day EVER.. what a waste of resources.

    2. i was thinking, "what a waste of our time" all day long. i DO NOT want to be a social worker. when i asked her if the nurses ever come out for ride alongs, she said Not Really.