Monday, September 3, 2012

This waiting is driving me crazy!!!

I really want to know what my Preceptorship is going to be. I know I got an offer because my choices are locked all of the offers have been accepted and everyone has been placed. So come already and tell us... I think it's great motivation, especially if I get what I want. Also I guess I would like to know in-case I didn't get exactly what I want. Truth be told there was only 1 real choice on there that I would rather not get.

Ok so I did talk to one of my nursing buddies from way back when today and she said the same thing that I did, about the after the high crash that is nursing school. I was wondering for a while why, since nursing school has started again, that I still feel depressed... now I know, because Psych is not stressful and thus, my body has not rebounded back into that hyper-state of anxiety where you focus better and concentration increases... I guess I need my fight or flight instincts to be in full force or my body is like, "WTF?"

Well at the very least its a theory... maybe I can do my psych clinical research paper on it?

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  1. well I know that's true for me.. if my brain isn't being stimulated enough, I get super depressed.. hence why I can't stand to be a SAHM any longer. I love the "stress" of school, I love when there's no time to feel depressed.