Sunday, October 28, 2012

Drug Calculations Made Easier...?

I stumbled upon a formula for Dopamine and Dobutamine dosage calculations based on a CONSTANT. You know the mcg/kg/min..... ones.... Has anyone heard of these?

I tried it out a few times and BINGO... it worked.

So it is based on Single and Double Dose concentrations.

Dopamine Single Concentration = 13.3
Dopamine Double Concentration = 26.6

Dobutamine Single Concentration = 16.6
Dobutamine Double Concentration = 33.3

Sooooo... what does that all mean?

Well if you use the formula of:

Dose x kg
_________ = you get the amount in ml/hr to set on the pump


Example 1:

Order: Dobutamine 5 mcg/kg/min
Solution: Dobutamine 500/250 ml D5W (HINT: Conc. is considered DOUBLE)
Pt wt is 176 pounds

Step 1 you know is to convert lbs/kg = 80kg

Formula is:
----- = 12 ml/hr

Ok do it your way... what did you get?

Example 2
Order Dopamine 2.5mcg/kg/min
Solution: Dopamine 800mg/500 ml
Pt wt 75kg

What is the concentration? Single? Double?

2.5 x 75
________ = 7ml/hr


long way 800mg x 1000 = 800,000 mcg / 500ml = 1600mcg/ml
2.5mcg x 75kg x 60min = 11250

---- = 7 ml/hr
Conc. 1600

Of course follow the rounding rules for your Program/Policy/Pump

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