Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mini Medical School

Nursing is Mini Medical School or maybe it's more like a crash course in everything you need to know that medical school school should teach you crammed into a few semesters.

Why? Because as a nurse you need to know the pathophysiology of a disease process, the normal medical management of the disease process, and what to look for when said medical management does or doesn't work, so when shit hits the fan, or a doctor makes a mistake with an order, you are there to catch it.

So with my studying for Cardiology, I have been looking for some supplemental information to get all of the 79 pages of study guide, 1000 pages of reading, and numerious medications and side effects memorized... I have stumbled upon the medical school exam prep guru... and I think I am in love ;-)

Needless to say, if you need some help with the concepts in Cardiology take a look at this guy. CONRAD FISCHER
As I was sitting in my Cardiology lecture I realized that she was teaching us everything that he was teaching medical students... hummm... go figure.

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