Saturday, October 27, 2012

My first Troll...

Ah I have arrived I guess.

Please excuse the typos and grammatical errors... as this is simply a quickly written experience of MY personal journey, for ME to look back on.

Glory be to you, if you so chose to search out nurse blogs, especially us less than intelligent, apparently looked down upon, and considered ignorant, ones.

With that being said, comments are always welcomed... whether you are a douche or not.


  1. You got a nasty troll? That's fn crazy- bored ppl.

  2. LOL don't you love those? I got one on my Pintrest board, PINTREST!!! She apparently had an issue with the fact that I pinned a lunch box that was made up to look like a cooler they carry donor organs in.

    Here comment is here...

    1. OMG! People need to get a life... heck where do they think the idea to put organs in something for transport came from??