Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not that I don't have enough to worry about...

But I need some extra cash now that I bought a brand new car. 2013 Kia Forte

I needed one and it isn't all that expensive or over my head or anything... it's actually only $73 more than my current payment... but the down payment put a little dent in my wallet because I was upside down in the old car.

So never the less, I decided to apply for a PRN/Part-time position at another HomeHealth agency but this is just doing a few visits to the LTC crowd.

I know, I know, when will I find time? Well since my client at work spends an awful lot of time in the hospital these days, I need a back-up plan to pay the bills just in case. The client I usually do as back-up is going back to their parent's so there will not be any hours there.

I figure I have a few shifts in me somewhere... if I can push all my full-time hours in 3 days then have clinical 1 day, that still leaves me 3 whole days available.

What about family, what about studying? Well studying I got covered in my full-time job, plus in 30 something days hopefully I will have passed and will be done... freeing up more time! On the family front, right now it's a few hours here or there and I don't see that changing much.

It's not a done deal, as I just applied last night... but sometimes there just has to be a time where you have to spread yourself a bit thinner to get the finances straightened out.

Speaking of thinner... the trainer and gym are put on hold too... but the biking and hiking seasons are upon us finally... and there will be a treadmill in my living-room soon enough as well :-)


  1. yes! it is getting cooler in the mornings finally.. I think I'll do my first Fall hike Friday morning.. then study the rest of the day! I hope you get the job and it works with your schedule- you are SO close to being done, I'm so proud of you!!!

  2. I can't WAIT to be able to afford a "newer" day, lol.