Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Like Surgical Technology but on Steriods

That is what the OR Program instructor said the new format for the Peri-operative Program will be. Our class this Fall is going to be a first of it's kind AORN Journal Published Pilot Program as a Template for all future programs toward bringing the Nursing back to the OR.

Not only is the program in the Fall but also in the Spring, so 8 Months to be exact of OR Scrub and Circulating instruction, as well as First Assist Training. Aka Blocks 5 & 6. (Yay and a new uniform- Black Scrubs!)<- this part is dripping in sarcasm.

This also includes 400 hours of Scrub/Circulating experience at a hospital of our choice... aka hospital we would like to work at when the program is over because they are coordinating with the Staff Educators and HR Departments of our placement hospitals as potential hires. Since we are all already Registered Nurses we are eligible for hire... as well as our training is not coming out of their budget so we are able to bypass the new grad and training programs that hospitals are not wanting to hire right now. So armed with the 120 cases completed as a requirement and 400 contact hours, which is 3 shifts a week for 12.5 weeks, it's a LONG job interview. With this current economy it's worth the $1,600 this program is going to cost me.

Hopefully I will come out of this with my dream job on top of the Certification come next May.

Now for my dilemma. This program is intensive. 2 days a week of class and lab M and F from 7a to 4p. Quizzes, skills checks offs and then clinicals. I know I am way more marketable with my BSN and OR Certificate, but is it doable to continue on this path? I mean this program is 16 credits, my current BSN program is 12 credits every 11 weeks. I know it is doable in the long run and worth every penny and sleepless night, but then again, I have two jobs and will eventually have foster children as well, very likely foster children with medical needs. Of course once I have two medical foster children in my home I will no longer need the second job, other than to buy myself toys :-) (like the boat I want), anyway.... what to do?

I think what will happen is I will continue the the BSN program as well as the OR program because the biggest contributing factor to getting into a hospital around here is the BSN as well as the contacts that are made during the clinical and just may have to down size my second job. In the meantime I am getting as many hours as I can!

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