Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Day in the life of a Visiting Nurse

So yesterday was a taste of exactly what a normal visiting nurse schedule could look like.

My day started with an 8am discharge visit, where the pt started talking about issues that she was now having with regard to a medication. She felt it was causing some adverse side effects other than chubby cheeks there did not seem to be a real "issue" So that one took about an hour and then I went over to next visit and arrived about 15 minutes early.. INR drawn and that one was pretty quick at just under 30 minutes.

So I went home for lunch and to find my stethoscope. I was able to get a little charting completed, ate and watched a little TV and relaxed, until my next appt which was at 1. Where I drew another INR and figured this one would be quick as well, except I noticed a possible infection, and had to call the MD because the pt had not had a f/u done yet. So that took about an hour which I did not figure it would, then I had to drive out to my farthest client which takes about 20 minutes, where I had to do a start of care- which takes about 2 hours or more depending on the medications the people are on, but I manged that one in 1.5 hours.

So it was about 4 hen I pulled back into my house, my next and last pt of the day is only 10 minutes from my house, so I threw a roast in the oven and scarfed down some ice cream (bad me) and I headed out to my 5:00 start of care. I was home by 6:15.

Then I had to go into work for 9pm at my other job. I just now completed my start of care charts and care plans and submitted them.

Oh and I am about to head out to the Peri-operative orientation soon.

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