Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why I love my new job...

I still have my old job (Peds) but the second job, the one that despite it being a slower start than I had wanted it to be at this point, I actually am putting up with that in hopes that things will be where I need them to be, ie MONEY. Because he office staff support is AWESOME!

Not one time in the 2 years working for my current job have they ever had a nice word to say to any of their nurses. In fact you only hear from them when they are threatening you with suspension or being written up for some new rule they have implemented in at the last minute or something they are deficient in and need to cover their butts on and thus pass the panic down to us.

But within 1 case I have received emails from my new job with kudos and good job comments... you know what it does... it makes this passive aggressive procrastinator want to work that much harder and put up with less than an expected work flow to help them grow their business and be patient and continue to work with them.

Now if only they could fill my schedule as they promised. I have a really nice house to pay for and I really need the extra money to do so otherwise I may have to revise my plans yet again.

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