Sunday, February 7, 2010

Am I stuck in a loop?

WTF... laptop crashed AGAIN!!!Jeep broken AGAIN!!! Need another tire for the car AGAIN!!! No money AGAIN!!! Studying AGAIN!!! LOL ok the last item is a good thing. ;-)

Its like a time warp or something, every year the same old stuff. Right now what is owed to me is close to $10,000. So why on earth am I so broke? I am still waiting for the money for my test. But I should at least get that this week. But what is with this stupid laptop? I have had it 2 years - warranty expired this month, and here it went again, blue screen of death. I have the recovery discs and I did back up most things onto the flash drive this time. But I can't find my flash I had passwords saved and some cool sites I'd found since the last crash and now I have to start form scratch!

Oh well... if by chance I get the money I'm owed, how cool would it be to get it soon and like all at the same time? Of course its owed to me by 5 different entities and lining that all up would be a feat in itself, but since I would like it now... I'll take what I can get however it decided to come in... as long as its soon.

On the school front, I am taking 12 credits. 1 of the credits is a computer class for finding medical information on the web. Comes in handy for a Nurse. Its in a 4 week format and self paced, but I only have 1 more essay and a final project left to complete. My Philosophy class starts tomorrow and I need to write a Deep Thinking Essay by the 13th and the rest is self-paced as well. I of course would like to finish it prior to May... so I'll do as much as I can before my Microbiology and Chemistry classes start next Monday. I am excited for the Chemistry experiments but not so much for the work.

Nclex studying in there somehow too and then job hunting! I have big plans for the year and big hopes... but surviving so far is taking a miracle.

Ok off to family Sunday night. I love having quality time with the kids. Its awesome to see my teenagers getting along and bonding!

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