Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mom can I borrow the car?

LOL how long was the wait for that one. Ok so the driver's licence experience was a little longer than we had hoped. A few tears, stomach aches, complaining teenage boys, 2 hours at the Motor Vehicle Department, & a night time crash course in 3 point turns into a parking space size area... the 16 year old is legal!

So I picked her up from school yesterday since they had a half day. Of course since it was 30 miles away it made no sense to drop the boy off at home first so he came with us. We waited 2 hours and her test lasted all of 3 minutes. They have a 3 point turn course and she hit a cone! So she failed. Needless to say she practiced alot at home, and when we went back this AM, sans the boy, they let her practice a few times in the course, and bingo bongo she nailed it!

I had taken her on the driving course through the streets on Sunday, mind you that was pure accident, I was letting her drive there so that she would get the feel for the roads there and the weird parking lot, but turns out the few wrong turns we had gone onto trying to find the main road home, was the exact route they took her on for the driving part!

I am very proud of her and freaked out all at the same time!

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