Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ah... my daughter is taking her driver's test today. I really hope she does well, it would suck to fail it since she's told pretty much everyone that she is going today. The good news is that it only costs $25 and she gets 3 attempts to pass it for that price and that includes her actual licence. (Not 3 in one day of course)

I added her to the insurance on my car and it didn't cost much more than I would have been paying... of course I want to shop around a bit more because I am sure I didn't get as good a deal as I could have. But it is only $64 more a month and that is wayyy less than I was expecting.

She still thinks I can pull the money for a car for her out of some orifice magically, yumm yeah not like fixing the cars we need to PAY the BILLS first makes any sense to her. She's never had to dig out change just to put enough gas in a car to merely get to work before.

Her argument is she needs a more relaiable car than I do. Last time I checked she had the cell phone not me. But...Yes I DO need a newer car that is more reliable than you do! Why? Well, for many reason but mainly because you only need it to go back and forth to school. I need it to do my job. Said job that PAYS for the things you have! No way to work = no money- no house, no eat and no CAR! Duh... your car doesn't work then Mommy drives you! My car doesn't work? LOL I take yours and Mommy still drives you! See the difference?

Of course in 4 months my son gets his permit and can drive, if I buy the car do you think she'll share it? HA! Fat chance.

Yesterday after her mini-meltdown over the car situation I asked my son, "Don't you live in the same house? If you understand that there is no money for ANYTHING right now... what world does she live in?" He laughed and says as we always do...

PS. She spoke with her father last night and he said exactly what I thought he would say!

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