Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't Believe the Hype

So at least there is a money back guarantee on this crap! So I decided to try this Healthe Trim stuff people were talking about... anything to give me a little boost to not feel hungry... except, I FEEL HUNGRIER on it!! So I am totally just going to go back to what I was doing and eat like a normal person, just reduce the calories and types of calories... although I was thinking of trying the Hcg diet because of my hormonal issues since the hysterectomy & PCOS and insulin resistance that I have. But who knows... eventually a healthier diet and getting off my butt to exercise will work right?

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  1. Have you tried the South Beach Diet? I went on that about a month ago. I was only on it for a week but I lost about 5 lbs in that week. I won't lie, it was pretty difficult to do especially since you are supposed to cut out so much for the first few weeks, but I honestly felt much better on it and after about 3 days on it I stopped craving sugars and sweets (which is one of my biggest issues)

    Now I don't follow it as stricktly, but I use it for a guide and adjust as I see fit. I have managed to lose another 5 lbs in 4 weeks just by making smarter choices. :)