Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mini vacation

I just booked my ticket to go and visit my sister for her 40th birthday next month. I can't wait. A mini vacation for me!

Now I just have to request those 3 days off!


Oh and I heard back from advising and I need 16 credits to graduate with an AGS. All of which are Humanities classes with the exception of a Communication course, a one credit computer usuage class and a literacy class. So I have them picked out and will begin to get those pounded out starting next paycheck!

8 weeks at a time and First up are:
Powerpoint (1)
Communication (3)
Introduction to Cinema (3)

Then 8 weeks of these:
Clinical Healthcare Ethics (3)
Humaities Unversial Themes (3)
Crictial Reading (3) (Although I tested out of this as a requirement it fits in with the Literacy class I still need and this one is cake so I'll take it)

Then I'm finished and will graduate and get to walk in May.

After which I will take the Micro and Chem classes in person and head toward RN if the mood strikes me.

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