Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random thoughts

I have nothing really to blog about. Just setting up the new place. Painting again this weekend. Finishing my upstairs hallway and I think starting my bedroom. I am finally picking up the PT Crusier tomorrow moring and I will be working the next two days.

On the work front I am wondering who I will be working with today as the spot for the other LPN was blank when I left on Tuesday. I hope they hire someone soon. I hope they hire my nursing school friend. But she's taking her RN this week and well... its only an LPN position thats technically available. But RN jobs for new grads right now are nonexisitant around here for the traditional new grad that does not belong to the large chain fellowship program... so it's be a job in nursing and they can always use another RN PRN to take charge.

Well my carpel tunnel is making it impossible to type now so I guess I have rambled enough. I really need to get in gear and make some doctor's and dentist appointments for the family and myself. It's time to at least get this hand fixed.

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