Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working too much

Yup that's where I have been. Just working working working and wondering if I am ever going to get off this shift.

I have enjoyed my few day shifts. The RN Charge really wants me on her shift, so someday that will happen. Of course the RN Charge on my current shift does not want me to leave either.

I have put in a few 40 + hour work weeks and my poor foot is really not responding to the double shift I have been pulling either. I must learn to say NO even when bonus is rubbed in my face. The regular paycheck is much better than being on comp because my stress fracture has finally given way to a full on break.

So anyway off to work I go again...which includes a Mandatory Nurses Meeting. Good news is that they have canned the new ADON and maybe the tension and cloud of doom and gloom over the building will clear soon.

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