Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sad & weird

So we thought our cat that had been gone for a year had returned. Of course I started to have my doubts almost right away but it had all the same markings and did alot of the same things and well trauma can do some major things and the cat can change. But it sure as hell can't change a cat's GENDER!

When Baby left she was a girl but it came back a Boy? So needless to say it was weird. I mean we had Baby fixed and if I recall no one mentioned that it was a boy when we brought it in and I think the vet would have marked it on the paper.

So when this new cat needed a vet visit today I took it in and I was like." Can you check the gender because it doesn't seem right." Well its an altered BOY!

Of course he was so sick that we had to put him down, but still... did I have a boy all along or is this another cat?

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