Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A whirlwind of decisions and nondecisions

I have been filling out job applications for the heck of it. Doesn't hurt to put my resume out there and hope for the best.

I may be transferring out our Homecare department division and into the facility for the acute care designation. Apparently our parent company is listed as acute/subacute... woot! I am trying though to stay with the Homecare assignment as well, even if that one turns into part-time... because it's considered OT if I work both. Boooooo!

Let's see what else... school... so anyway I decided to drop Stats and enroll in the original RN-BSN program that I spoke about on here previously. It is just an overall better program for me and will take 18 months as well, without two extra math! The focus is more on the liberal arts and humanities so for me, writing papers on these topics is way more in my wheel house then doing tons of useless math problems... yes useless, I already know this stuff doesn't affect my knowledge of medication calculations. Oh and my official start of that program is April 8th and there are 17 classes, I will take 3 every 11 weeks.

At this point I just had to pick one and do it!

So anyway I am still waiting to hear back on the 2nd job official plan to get me out there and seeing patients, but unfortunately it got slow all of a sudden for them. (Thus, the reason for me to apply to a few facility locations to get some guaranteed hours.) I need the extra income if I want to pay off all of my debt, pay for my degree completion and get the new house!

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