Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Studying

Not much else going on in the world of Nursing or Nursing School.

I have been actively studying for the impending testing just 14 days away now. I just purchased the NCSBN review, because well, I want questions directly from the makers of "THE TEST" to practice on.

I have been working as per usual, just at the Peds job, have not done any more hours so far for the visiting nurse position yet. I have to call to set up a good day for my ride-a-long training. I think that by the time all of this works out, I will just start as an RN and bypass the LPN status. I HOPE!!

I have still been researching BSN options but have yet as to decide on one... I think it's because I am just not ready right now to go back to school mode. I would like to just get this test out of the way and work as an RN for a bit and perhaps think about starting classes later. However, I do have a few info sessions and transcript evals pending soon to at least see where I stand. My biggest thing is that I do not want to take a bunch more Science or Math classes to fluff up a costly degree and waste too much time or money.

Well back to studying.

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