Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day

I am not going to write a year in review, because I blogged about it. But as I sit here in my LPN position I know that in a few weeks I will be sitting here as an RN!

So I really need to get my butt back into study mode to nail that NCLEX.

I have been a bit side tracked by our new adventure, and since I usually become all consumed with research when I attempt a new path, needless to say, it has been taking up my every waking moment for the past few weeks.

In March or early April, things could get a bit crazy again so I have added another blog to chronicle the adventures there.

I am afraid that soon this one will probably start to slow down, although, I have still been thinking of enrolling in the Peri-Operative Program at the College I just graduated from-if I can get a hold of the stupid adviser and program director for it! Plus I am going to be continuing toward my BSN (in April), but alas those classes are not really all that exciting. Paper Writing and more paper writing. Well the Peri-operative class could be pretty darn exciting!

Unfortunately, I don't think my "new grad" RN positions are going to be that exciting, unless I happen to end up in acute care, which is unlikely at this point. So I can't really expect to entice my readers with tales from the trenches. But I will try and keep ya'all posted on the different aspects of nursing care.

I have a lot of irons in the fire so to speak and perhaps one of these days I will manage to find the completion of all of my dreams... but until then...

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