Friday, January 18, 2013

Resume Padding with Advanced Certifications

So I have decided to finally get onto taking my ACLS, PALS & NRP certifications. I figure as much as I can pad my resume to make me stand out somewhere the better. As soon as I can get into that Perioperative Program, then of course that and my eventual BSN/MSN degrees will be good too right?

Now I just have to get the authorization form from work for reimbursement and pay for the classes and then the good part, they give me my money back. I love that part!

Oh yeah but first to pass the NCLEX.

I have just been plugging along with my Kaplan questions and have about a 70% overall in their QTrainers and QBank questions. Hope that means I am doing well. The instructors from Kaplan say that is good.

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