Monday, September 8, 2014

x1 week in to MSN program

I have completed the 4 tasks of the US and Global History Class, three so far have been graded, two passed on the first attempt, the third I misread the question and wrote the whole first paragraph on the wrong, so I rewrote it and resubmitted it today (#119 in the que) I submitted task 4 this afternoon for it's first grading. I HOPE it doesn't come back. I think I have the style they want down, just need to make sure that the content is there :-)

I have also taken and Passed two Pre-Assessments, so I think I will schedule the tests for next week. I have hope that I can get through my first 9 CUs of the semester by the first week in October at this rate and work on BioChem and Stats for the rest of the month.

Typically we take 12 CUs a semester which is 6 months long. CU= Credits technically, 12 is full-time. I am hoping to take more like 24.

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