Sunday, September 7, 2014

Two down, Two to go

4 tasks total for this section. I have completed and passed two. I am about to complete the third paper, I spend about two days usually on each task. Research, write, and tweak. It then takes about two days for them to grade it while I started writing the next one.

My timeline so far has been, started Task 1 on Sept 2, completed and submitted on Sept 3, Started task 2 on Sept 3,Received graded Task 1 on Sept 5th, Submitted Task 2 on Sept 5, Started task 3 on Sept 6, Received graded task two on Sept 7th...etc.

I am hoping to completed task 3 by tonight and submit it. It's a three part paper, section 3 is written, section 2 is almost done, and section 1 is started.

My GOAL is to have all of the Tasks for this class submitted by Wednesday.I am hoping I don't have any rewrites for the tasks and can be done by Friday!

I still have a Powerpoint presentation to do for the Application portion of the class, which is set up as it's own class,but I am hoping that I can blow that out in one week and be done with US and World History by the end of next week.

I really want to knock these damn general eds out quick! Hate'em so much!

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  1. Damn girl, rockin' it!!!! It almost makes me miss that kind of set up, just busting through the tasks on your own time. I am much more self disciplined now than I was when I did do WGU. Good for you!!!!