Thursday, May 14, 2009

Answers to questions I've been asked

Do you still get to spend quality time with the family?

I have teenagers so its easier at this age to spend "quality time" whenever they get a little bit of time and want to let me in. They quiz me while I study and it allows us to joke around and talk too.

Or are you missin out?

Only on sleep and a clean house.

Are you working?

I work some per Diem office shifts but not really working. I do Respite care and over the summer I will pick up some more office per Diem stuff and some home health care. But school is my full time job... at least until December then I'll test for my LPN and work during my last two RN semesters.

What do you think about working part time to gain some experience?

While in school you may have to give up one thing or another, sometimes getting the grade means that working or spending time with family must be sacrificed and that all depends on you. I didn't have to work, I made other sacrifices for that luxury, so its all a personal choice.

If you want, I did it back in the day, because I knew I wanted to be a Nurse. Except it more talked me out of it than helped me. I walked away from the field for 10 years.

But working as a CNA can give you some chances to work on fundamentals and watch what the nurses do. ( Except you may not have time as the CNA's have such high pt loads and lots of people to clean)

Anything else just ask!

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Your answer to the CNa question put a real good perspective on things for me. I am currently only working 7 hours teaching dance. I thought I was in such a hurry to get out of there and get me feet into the whole nursing spectrum but it sounds like my current job might just do it's purpose that is to pay tuition for my children's school. Taking on a new job and school full time that may be too much! Well something to think about! Thanks agian for sharing!