Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Break

Today is the first official start of summer break, what I mean by that is my Algebra class has started. I can't find my graphing calculator that I bought, which means time for a search through the storage unit.

My Chemistry class starts on the 6th of June. I still have to pay for that class and get the book and all that good stuff. But at least I don't have to drive the 30 miles and go to classes for the summer that will be nice!

So... I agreed to work some coverage hours over the summer at my old Customer Service job to hopefully get enough money to cover tuition for my Fall classes. I don't want to take out any more loans until if I don't have to yet!

I am thinking I want to work at the VA when I graduate. I have always wanted to, but I really want the PACU too. The VA is probably the only place right now hiring new grads, but we'll see. I have the chance to do it for clinical, but its so far away I didn't want to do clinical there. I am in turmoil over this because I think I should to give me a better chance after graduation to get in there.

Ok I am just rambling now. Think I'll go shower and then head out to search for my calculator! I hate ALGEBRA!


  1. there are "training hospitals" that will take new grads...i was at one for a short while...while i was looking for something closer to home

  2. it's your blog and you can ramble away if you want to!